Evolution of The Power: BMW S1000RR


BMW S1000RR history and its revolution from 1992 to 2020. We usually share motorcycle models, news, and some guides. But this revolution post belongs to a powerful motorcycle which many of us know.


BMW S1000RR, which produces under the name R1100RS in 1992,  had an air-cooled boxer engine of 1085 cc, produces 90 hp and 95 Nm of torque. The maximum speed of S1000RR, weighing 240kg, was 220.


The R1100S appeared in 1998. Thi new model has reached 100hp and 100 Nm of torque. The maximum speed of the R1100S, whose acceleration value increased with the reduction of weight to 208, increased to 230. The design began to become sportier and the foundations of today’s S1000RR have been laid with this model.

8 years later, the R1200S model appeared in 2006, and again, power was increased and weight was decreased. This model, which has an 1170 cc boxer engine, produces 122 Nm of torque with 122hp. It also reduced its weight to 198 kg and could reach a maximum speed of 241. Two years later,  a model called 2008 HP2 Sport was introduced. This model, again, reduced the weight and increased power and was able to reach higher speeds again.


Then, the first generation of the BMW S1000RR appeared in 2009. The S1000RR has a 999 cc inline 4-cylinder engine and produces 112 Nm of torque with 192 hp. The maximum speed of the motorcycle with a weight of 183 kg is specified as 305 km / h. BMW continues to improve this model day by day in terms of both mechanical and electronic systems.

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