Different Perspective From Zillers Garage: BMW R nineT


BMW’s R nineT series motorcycles are inside of the category called commuter. There is also a diversity of this series that can cater to customers with different expectations. Zillers Garage decided to make the motorcycle unique retro design by taking over a BMW R nineT.


Zillers Garage’s Custom Made BMW R nineT Motorcycle

Bringing a replacement aluminum body on this modern build but classic designed motorcycle, the company has made the motorcycle look like retro. Additionally, an air suspension system has been confirming to ensure the motorcycle’s near-ground appearance. In other words, the motorcycle is often made almost touching the bottom when it is unusable.

Zillers Garage BMW R nineT
BMW R nineT
Zillers Garage BMW R nineT
Zillers Garage BMW R nineT

In terms of performance, it is seen that Zillers Garage didn’t replace the motorcycle’s engine, but added a special exhaust system to this engine. This exhaust system not only increased the potential of the motorcycle’s engine, but also made the rear of the body lighter. The garage did not neglect to add more powerful Brembo brakes to the motorcycle.

Zillers Garage BMW R nineT
Zillers Garage BMW R nineT


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